Cooling radiator parts
Aluminium radiator parts for do-it-yourself radiators

Cooling radiator parts

Here you will find parts to manufacture radiators. The radiator is part of the cooling system of the engine, thanks to the antifreeze and being dissipated part of the heat by taking cold air from outside. The water circulates through the radiator and then later returns to the engine at a suitable temperature.

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Aluminum radiator core

Aluminium water cooled radiator core, weldable, dimensions of the central cooled part 460mmx330mm, dimensions of the tanks 600mmx495mm, welded on the inside. 

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Buy water radiator parts for your car

The parts of a water radiator are essential to keep your engine running efficiently and without overheating.

In our store, you'll find a selection of parts designed to optimize your engine's cooling and ensure consistent performance even in the most demanding conditions.

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Whether you're looking to improve your radiator's cooling capacity, replace a faulty part, or add an enhancement, we have everything you need to manufacture your engine's cooling system.

All our parts and products are of high quality, manufactured by ourselves or by the best manufacturers in Spain. Ensure proper functioning of your car with Weldracingparts.

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