Pack water cooled tetrix 300 acdc comfort 2.0 puls

.TIG AC / DC welding machine, mobile, decentralized, 5-pole connection socket

.TIG torch, water cooling, 4 m

.Cooling module with pump,

.Transport trolley (4 wheels) to transport a power supply, a refrigeration module and a gas cylinder, assembled

.Cable and holder clamp.

.Pressure reducer with manometer.

.Gas hose, 2 meters + gas fitting + flange.

.Cooling liquid down to -10 ° C (14 ° F), 5 l,

Tig welding torchs water-cooled 4m

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.Modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine water-cooled

.Comfort 2.0 control, simple operation with click wheel

.TIG welding

activArc – Precise, focussed arc with reduced heat input and deep penetration for optimum root fusion

.Electronic HF start

.TIG lift arc welding

.Special AC welding procedure to join markedly different aluminium plates together, e.g. welding 1-mm-sheet to a 10-mm-plate

.Features characteristics for EWM activArc and EWM spotArc at no extra charge

.Adjustable AC waveform, sine, trapezoidal, square current

.Adjustable AC frequency between 30 Hz and 300 Hz

.Adjustable AC balance, pulse balance

.Automatic AC frequency

.TIG average value pulsing: the preset welding current is maintained at all times, so particularly suitable for welding as per welding procedure specification

.TIG automated pulsing with automatic specification of required pulse parameters

.Pulsed TIG welding in Hz and kHz range up to 15 kHz

.100 free memory locations for recurring welding tasks (JOBs)

.Non-latched/latched operation

.Reduced secondary current accessible using torch trigger

.Spot welding/tack function (spotArc/spotmatic)

.Adjustable up-slope and down-slope time

.Adjustable gas pre- and post-flow time

.MMA welding

.MMA average value pulsing

.AC electrode welding

.Adjustable hot start current and hot start time

.Adjustable Arcforce

.Antistick function


.Water-cooled with cool 41 U31 cooling unit

.Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function

.Connection capability for remote control and function torch

.Excellent torch cooling, resulting in cost savings on consumables due to high-performance centrifugal pump and 4-litre water tank (cool 41U31 cooling unit)

.Trolly 55-5

.Optional network connectivity with ewm Xnet software via LAN or WiFi gateway

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