Exhaust tailpipes made in Spain from stainless steel to manufacture your exhausts.


The tailpipe is the end tube from which the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine are discharged. It is the part where the exhaust of your vehicle ends and it is usually of different shapes and materials.

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Buy exhaust tips for your car at a good price

Are you looking for a way to give your car a unique touch and improve both the performance and aesthetics of your exhaust? Then you need an exhaust tip! Discover all the information below:

Importance of the exhaust tip

Exhaust tips are the ultimate way to express your personal style on the road. If you want to add an touch of elegance or a sporty look to your car , exhaust tips are the ideal choice.

Additionally, our exhaust pipe embellishers are the perfect way to enhance the appearance of your existing exhaust, without the need for complicated modifications.

These parts not only transform the appearance of your car, but can also influence the sound and performance.

Why choose an embellisher for the exhaust pipe

At Weldracingparts, we understand that each car is a unique expression of your personality and passion. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • Wide Variety : Discover a wide range of high-quality exhaust tips.

  • Custom Style: Our trims allow you to customize your car according to your preferences and style.

  • Manufacturing: Our exhaust tips are handcrafted in Spain.
  • Consultation: Have questions or looking for a specific type of exhaust tip? Contact us, and we will advise you as we can manufacture or request any trim you need.

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