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Explore innovation in exhaust systems with Simons. Since their inception, they have been recognized for their quality and performance. With careful engineering and top-notch materials, Simons exhausts deliver a distinctive sound and exceptional performance for your vehicle. Dive into the excitement of the road with Simons at Weld Racing Parts.

Discover the Excellence of Simons® Sportsystem

At Simons®, we blend the passion for sporty driving with precision engineering to offer you the highest quality exhaust systems. What makes us special?

Great Sound

With Simons®, you'll experience a powerful and immersive sound that will elevate your driving experience to another level. Our sports exhausts are designed to deliver a deep and distinctive tone that will make your vehicle stand out on the road.

Great Quality

At Simons®, quality is our number one priority. We use the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that every exhaust that leaves our factory meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Trust Simons® to provide a product that stands the test of time and exceeds your expectations.

Sporty Look

Our exhausts not only offer superior performance and an exciting sound but also add a touch of sporty style to your vehicle. With a sleek and aerodynamic design, Simons® exhausts complement your car's aesthetics, giving it an aggressive and sporty appearance that won't go unnoticed.

Choose Excellence with Simons® Sportsystem

Simons® Sportsystems are designed for drivers who demand exceptional performance and an exhilarating driving experience. With a Simons® exhaust, you'll unlock the hidden potential of your engine, resulting in a car that not only sounds and looks amazing but also delivers superior performance on the road.

Our Simons® Sportsystem exhaust kits include all necessary sections, along with a mounting kit, all delivered in a sturdy European-sized cardboard box. Additionally, we offer a wide range of universal Simons® parts in various dimensions. Universal parts can be used to build, rebuild, or repair exhaust systems for most cars, giving you the flexibility to customize your exhaust system to your needs.

Elevate your driving experience with Simons® Sportsystem and discover the pleasure of driving with unmatched style and performance!

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Simons Handy 2,5"

SIMONS Handy 2.5" (63.5mm) Muffler The SIMONS Handy offers performance and comfort. Built with stainless steel, it enhances gas flow. Supports up to 300 HP. Smooth sound. Easy installation. Ideal for balancing power and comfort.

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Simons Turbonett 3"

SIMONS Turbonett 3" (76mm) Muffler The SIMONS Turbonett muffler, made of stainless steel, offers enhanced performance and a sporty sound. Ideal for vehicles seeking power and comfort. With 250mm length and 125mm diameter, it ensures durability and efficiency.

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Simons Super 2,5"

SIMONS Super 2.5" (63mm) Muffler The SIMONS Super muffler, crafted from stainless steel, delivers exceptional performance and a sporty sound, enhancing the driving experience. Ideal for vehicles seeking power and distinctive style.

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Simons Turbolight 3"

Silenciador SIMONS Turbolight 3" (76mm) El silenciador SIMONS Turbolight, fabricado en acero inoxidable de alta calidad, ofrece un rendimiento excepcional y un sonido deportivo. Ideal para vehículos que buscan mejorar su potencia y eficiencia en el escape.

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Simons Big 2,5"

SIMONS Big 2.5" (63mm) Muffler The SIMONS BIG offers high acoustic insulation and exceptional power. Manufactured in stainless steel, it improves exhaust gas flow. Supports up to 350 HP. Sporty sound. Easy installation. Ideal for high-performance vehicles.

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Simons DUO 2,5"

SIMONS DUO 2.5" (63.5mm) Muffler The SIMONS DUO 63.5mm muffler offers a unique blend of performance and silence. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and meticulously designed to optimize exhaust gas flow, it's ideal for enhancing vehicle performance. Features: supports up to 400 HP, durable stainless steel, optimized flow. Benefits: significant...

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