Hollow bars
Perforated bars for the manufacture of bushes or parts.

Hollow bars

Perforated bars are ideal for the manufacture of bushings and other parts. They are commonly used to build tooling. They are easy to turn as they are hollow in the centre to avoid internal hollowing.

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What are Perforated Bars?

Perforated metal bars are used for manufacturing bushings in the lathe. It is a good option to facilitate your work since they are thick-walled tubes. Therefore, it is a material to consider when modifying high-performance cars.

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Uses and Applications

They have a series of applications in various industries due to their versatility and specific properties. Some of the uses and applications of perforated metal bars are:

  • Chassis components: For manufacturing structural components of the chassis that require holes or perforations for the fastening of other elements or to reduce weight without compromising strength.

  • Steering and Suspension Systems: In the manufacturing of components for steering and suspension systems that require precise holes for bolts, bearings, or other fastening elements.

  • Construction Industry: Used in the construction of building facades as decorative and functional elements. They are also used in walkways and railings to provide security and design.

  • Engine Parts: For manufacturing engine parts that require cooling or lubrication systems, where perforated bars can be used in creating internal channels or ducts.

  • Brake Systems Manufacturing: In creating components for braking systems, such as brake discs or master cylinders, where precise perforations are essential for their operation.

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