Spot weld cutter


Drill bit for removing spot welds with interchangeable crowns. Used for repairing vehicles or for removing standard parts from a vehicle to make it lighter.


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Made of very good quality steel material, hardness and wear resistant. equipped with a centering pin with spring.

Double-sided sprockets for dual use. Suitable for thin stainless steel sheets, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, or other thin metal sheets up to 3mm.

Spot weld removal bits are used to easily separate welded body panels without destroying the sheet metal. Separate spot welded sheet metal, panels, etc. For vehicle repair or to lighten bodies in the construction of racing cars.

These double sided hole saws are for separating spot welded panels more effectively than a panel drill bit. With hex shank that fits most drills

Crowns are easy to replace when worn. In addition to having a saw on both sides.

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